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Dragonsteel 2022 is just around the corner! If you haven't heard yet, this year will be celebrating the release of "The Lost Metal", which will be the final installment in the 2nd era of the Mistborn series revolving around Wax and Wayne. The tales from the world of Scadrial are far from finished though as Brandon still has 2 more eras planned for the series. However, with Brandon, nothing is ever certain. Originally there were only 3 eras planned for the series with Wax and Wayne only appearing as a stand-alone novella type story in The Alloy of Law. Now we eagerly await the epic conclusion to their tale in the 4th and final installment!

For those interested there are still around 400 "Last Minute Admission Badges" available at $60 apiece. Badges will not be sold at the door so please pay before you go! All swag and book purchases have been suspended for pre-order via Tabletop, however Dragonsteel will have them available at the convention. Swag will include Dragonsteel 2022 themed and Wax and Wayne themed T-Shirts, Stickers, and Pins. The Dragonsteel booth will also be selling a variety of other merchandise from previous events and book releases, so make sure that you bring extra room in your carry-on to bring things home!

Registration for the event will officially open at 9:30am on Monday the 14th for those with event badges, at which time wristbands will be handed out to determine what number you will get from the book distribution, taking place at 10:00pm in the Event Hall. Please note that a copy of The Lost Metal must have been ordered ahead of time to receive your wrist band! Attendees are welcome to line up in an attempt to get a lower number starting at 4:00am local time at the South Temple Entrance to the Salt Palace Convention Center, however lining up prior to 4:00am is against local ordinances. All books will come pre-signed by Brandon, with a unique event stamp and number. 150 lucky individuals out of the 4500 badges purchased have also been chosen for an additional signing with Brandon, Tuesday night, at the end of the convention. These lucky winners are allowed to bring one additional attendee with them, and each of them are able to have up to 3 items and 1 personalization apiece. For those who weren't lucky enough to snag a signing with Brandon, never fear for there will be many other authors and artists in attendance who would love to sign items from your collection. A cheat sheet of who will be in attendance, and what works they are included in can be found here!

The convention will offer plenty of activities to choose from, as well as multiple exhibitors eager to meet you and share their creations. The Exhibitor Hall will open on Monday, the 14th, at 12:00pm for the VIP Badge Holders and 1:00pm for Genereal Admission Badge Holders. There are 43 exhibitors listed in attendance this year, ourselves included! Be sure you stop by and check us out as we will be showcasing multiple items and services:

- Crafty Games: Mistborn Dice / Mistborn Games + Game Books

- Stormlight Metal Bookmarks

- A Selection of UK Paperbacks: Steelheart, Firefight and Starsight

- A Selection of 1-2 copies of 1st Edition, 1st Printing Hardcovers: The Way of Kings, Warbreaker, Mistborn Era 1, and Mistborn Era 2

- Signed copies of the newly released 10th Anniversary The Emperor's Soul Paperback **LIMITED STOCK**

- A full set of Signed/Numbered, Mistborn Era 1 Leatherbounds!

- A Signed/Numbered Elantris Leatherbound!

- Book Covering Services: Brodart

- Possible other odds and ends!

In addition to these awesome items we will also have signings available from Isaac Stewart and Ben McSweeney! Isaac is the official Art Director for Sanderson and has designed items such as the Mistborn Symbols, Aons, World Maps and much more! Ben has created items such as Shallan's notebook pages, Era 2 Mistborn Broadsheets, the Mitosis novella graphic novel and Crafty Games items. We will also have a showcase display of the many editions of The Emperor's Soul thanks to our very own Lexie! Make sure you come by and check out our booth, meet us, and learn about what we do!

Other exhibitors include:

- Kings Wild Project which created the Mistborn Playing Cards

- Forged Foam which makes replica Shardblades

- Dan Wells who has worked on Dark One with Brandon, and is also the author of "I Am Not a Serial Killer"

- Janci Patterson & Megan Walker who are co-authors of Skyward and Bastille

- Darci Cole & Lyndsey Luther who are beta readers and have lots of their own content out

- Hayley Lazo who illustrated the Alcatraz Series

- Brian McClellan author of The Power Mage series, Godglass Immortals and Valkyrie Collections and is also beta reader

- Many more!

The panels will also start at 10:00am on Monday, the 14th. Many of these panels will overlap one another so make sure you take a look at the Official Panel List so you know what you want to attend. A more detailed version can be found here. Some of these required tickets to participate in, most of which sold out in minutes! However there will be plenty of content for everyone. Here are a few examples of the panels this year:

- Learn to Make Barbie Shardplate (Sold Out)

- The Making (and Breaking) of Bastille vs the Evil Librarians

- Building a Story Together

- Retelling the Classics

- Character Draw Along

- Charity Magic Draft (Sold Out)

- Cosplay Meetup

These are only a few of the many panels that will be offered over this 2 day convention. This years convention is sure to be a fun time for everyone no matter your personal interests. We look forward to seeing everyone that comes and can't wait to meet everyone! If you can't make it this year, don't worry! Dragonsteel is growing bigger every year and Brandon's team is already planning on Dragonsteel 2023 to revolve around the 4th book in the Skyward series, Defiant, while Dragonsteel 2024 will be the release event for the conclusion to the first half of the Stormlight Archive series! Keep your calendars open and we are sure to have more fun for years to come! Thank you all and we hope to see you soon!

Three more titles are hitting bookstore shelves today, including the long awaited conclusion to the Alcatraz story, Bastille Vs. the Evil Librarians, cowritten with Janci Patterson. Brandon and his team also have this title available on the Dragonsteel store as a triple signed, stamped, and numbered copy. At the time of this article there are still 1,600 copies left! The other two titles are Mistborn: Secret History in pocket hardcover and Alcatraz Vs. the Evil Librarians: The Dark Talent in paperback. While both of these titles have been published before, this will be the first US based solo printing of Mistborn: Secret History  (previously only available in Arcanum Unbounded) by Tor Books and The Dark Talent will finish off the paperback new-cover releases that have spanned this past year for the Alcatraz Series through Starscape. Both of these titles are currently being offered signed through Murder By The Book, located in Houston, which recently had Brandon make an appearance on September 18th, to sign much of their stock for this event. There are still some signed copies available through their website here, but they won't last for long! Know, however, that only the new releases are guaranteed as 1st printings. Everything else will be based on what is currently in stock.

As if three new titles wasn't big enough, Brandon also has another Kickstarter Campaign underway with Brotherwise Games! This Kickstarter is focused on miniatures from the Stormlight Archive Books. Currently there are 26 unpainted, 1.75" main-character minis, an unpainted, 5.7" Chasmfiend, five painted, 3.5" miniatures and a 12" premium resin statue of Kaladin and Szeth dueling. There are also add-ons available such as a Digital 3D printing files pack, official paint set, and generic army packs filled with Alethi soldiers and Parshendi warriors. The campaign has already reached $2.15 million out of its initial goal of $50,000. With the popularity of the Kickstarter there have already been several stretch goals met with new miniatures being added such as Rock and The Lopen, a painted Shallan, and higher quality materials being used to cast them. With 23 days to go there are still many new announcements to be made, with teases of more miniatures and stretch goals to come. Unlike previous Kickstarters, this one has no limited or time sensitive tiers, so you still have time to pledge how you'd like!

Last, but not least, we finally have a schedule for the Dragonsteel 2022 Convention this November! There are multiple events throughout the two day convention with everything from meet and greets with various authors and artists, to game night with various Dragonsteel employees. The easy to follow schedule can be seen here, while a more in depth look at all the events can be seen here. Whatever you are interested in, there will be no shortage of fun to be had with the many events planned for later this year.​

Dragonsteel 2022 has officially sold out! All 3000 event badges for this years Dragonsteel Convention have sold out in a record 26 days. Last year the convention sold roughly 1500 tickets, of which their VIP tickets took 20 days to sell out compared to only 27 minutes this year! Clearly this convention is gaining steam. The Exhibitor list has also grown to 42 attendees this year, and we still have roughly 3 months to go. For those interested in having Brandon sign items for them this year, it is unlikely that he will have much time for random signings with his pressing schedule. However, like last year, each event badge comes with a drawing for a guaranteed signing from Brandon. Since all of the tickets for this years convention have sold out, the Dragonsteel team is hoping to have the drawing done before hand so that the lucky winners can be ready with their books in hand!

Bastille Vs. the Evil Librarians, the final book in the Alcatraz series, is set for a September 20th release date and Pre-Orders open this Monday the 22nd! This edition will be triple signed by Brandon Sanderson, Janci Patterson and Hayley Lazo. It will also come numbered with a custom release stamp. Numbers will be based on order number, so the sooner you order your copy the lower your number will be! Dragonsteel Books is celebrating this release by offering the first 5 books in the series as a hardcover bundle that will be signed by Brandon Sanderson. They are also offering a Swag Bundle that includes a T-shirt, sticker pack and an inflatable Bastille Crystin Sword.

July is almost over, but don’t worry. August is set to start off with a bang! Brandon has announced that Warbreaker and The Way of Kings Leatherbound books will be back in stock at Dragonsteel on August 1st. Both of these will be unsigned, as Brandon has been busy signing 50,000 title pages to send to the bindery for next summer’s Words of Radiance Kickstarter. There is a possibility that signed versions of these two leatherbounds will be available again, but Brandon has stated that it would most likely be years before this could happen.

Dawnshard will also have its Audiobook release on August 16th. After over a year of eager anticipation we can finally enjoy the voices of Michael Kramer and Kate Reading bring this epic adventure with The Lopen and Rysn to life. Look for this on Mainframe, Google Play, and Audible soon!

Exhibitors for Dragonsteel Con 2022, happening this November, have also been announced! There are over 36 Authors and Organizations in attendance this year including Brian McClellan, Dan Wells, Janci Patterson, JABberwocky Literary Agency, Brotherwise Games, Shire Post Mint, Robin Hobb, 17th Shard, and of course our very own Sanderson Collector’s Guild. You can see the full list at Tabletop’s Exhibitor Tab. If you haven’t gotten your tickets to the convention yet now is the time to head over to Tabletop and click that buy button. Of the original 3,000 tickets that were available for this Convention only 400 are left! It won’t be long before they sell out entirely. We hope to see you there!

This news article was contributed by Rob D.​​

A year has gone by and a lot has happened in the Sanderson world! If you haven’t been around lately then you’ve missed quite a lot. We’ve had several new books released including Cytonic and the 3 audiobook novellas Brandon co-authored with Janci Patterson that were captured in an Omnibus: Skyward Flight (Still a few up for sale!).

We also had the release of the 4 Secret Novels Kickstarter back in March that shattered the record for the most funded Kickstarter Campaign of all time with over $45,000,000 raised in total! If you missed it there is a possibility some of the Swag and Novels will be available on Dragonsteel late 2023 or early 2024.

Brandon released this news with a Youtube Video at the time of the campaign’s launch staged as a confession. Brandon has proposed a no spoilers type approach for this campaign which contains, as you have probably guessed, 4 new novels. However more information, including their titles and the first few chapters of each, can be found on his website for those who are curious.

However, the big news is the announcement of the 2022 Dragonsteel Con this November 14th and 15th at the Salt Palace Convention Center! This Convention will celebrate the release of the final Wax and Wayne Mistborn Novel: The Lost Metal. Event Badges just went on sale this past Monday, July 11th and all 300 VIP Badges sold out in just 27 minutes! Never fear though, as there are still approximately 1300 General Admission Badges available at the time of this post. This year Dragonsteel is going through Tabletop and it has been very convenient in its use. Merch is available for purchase as an addon to the event badges, however please note that it can only be picked up at the Convention itself. For those who are not able to come to the Convention, The Lost Metal pre-order will be available sometime in October (Official date to be announced) and some of the Swag will also be available for purchase on Dragonsteel after the Convention takes place.

This news article was contributed by Rob D.

The Sanderson store has put up some new items, in addition to moving. They used to be over at store.brandonsanderson.com. Now, all the goodies can be found at dragonsteelbooks.com.

There are some new items on the store, as shipping of all swag and books except the leatherbounds themselves for the kickstarter has finished. These new items are:

The Way of Kings Prime for $35.00

Dawnshard for $15.00

The Stormlight Archive Playing Card Deck for $20.00

All of these items are the leftover stock from the kickstarter, and will not be restocked when they sell out, so get them now. The store has stated that Dawnshard will likely get picked up by Tor at some point, and likely printed like they did Edgedancer, and additionally The Way of Kings Prime might be reprinted when Words of Radiance is kickstarted, if demand is high enough. I have seen no news on any reprinting of the playing card deck.

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The JordanCon Charity Auction is once again happening this year.  You will find numerous Sanderson related items up for auction.  This year is a bit different, as they will be using an online site for the auction.  You must be attending the Conference to bid and pick up your item, they will not be shipping them out.

Currently, you can find the following Sanderson related items.

Way of Kings Leatherbound set

Doomslug Velvet Plush [1] [2] [3]

Elantris Map signed by Isaac Stewart

Various Stormlight Lego characters [1] [2] [3] [4]

Mistborn House War Board Game

Mistborn The Siege of Luthadel expansion

Promotional Cutouts [1] [2]

Dawnshard HC

The Way of King Prime HC

Crossroads of Twilight  ARC

Leatherbound A Memory of Light

You can find the full listing at the link below.