Elantris US MMPB

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Name Printings Embossed Cover Price Alt Price Notes
   US MMPB 1st State 1
7.99 10.99
   US MMPB 2nd State 5
7.99 9.99 I strongly suspect this is at least second state, but since its the earliest I have... Back cover says "With ELANTRIS", back has prologue of Mistborn as preview.
   US MMPB 3rd State 8,9,10
8.99 10.99 Back cover says "With _Elantis_" (Italic, not all caps, yes its misspelled.) Back has preview of prologue of Mistborn.
   US MMPB 4th State 11,12,13
9.99 13.99 Back cover says "With _Elantris_" (Italic, not all caps, but correctly spelled.)
   US MMPB 5th State 16
9.99 13.99 This printing is slightly smaller overall than previous printings, but weighs slightly more. Might be because of extra glue in the spine, or that could just be my copy. Copyright page includes a paragraph with instructions on how to order bulk copies. Bibliography goes all the way to Rhythm of War and also includes The Reckoners. Alcatraz titles no longer have asterisks next to the first four books.

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