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Additional States

Name State Printing
US MMPB 1st State 1 1
US MMPB 2nd State 2 5
US MMPB 3rd State 3 8,9,10
US MMPB 4th State 4 11,12,13


Name Elantris US MMPB 5th State
Title Elantris
Publisher Tor Books
Cover Artist Stephan Martinière
Format Mass Market Paperback
Page Count 642
ISBN 9780765350374
Release Date 2006-05-30
Printings 16
Language English
Dimensions L x W x D - 170.41mm x 104.83mm x 26.51mm
Weight 293.7g
Embossed No
Country US
Cover Price 9.99 USD
Alt Price 13.99 CAN
Notes This printing is slightly smaller overall than previous printings, but weighs slightly more. Might be because of extra glue in the spine, or that could just be my copy. Copyright page includes a paragraph with instructions on how to order bulk copies. Bibliography goes all the way to Rhythm of War and also includes The Reckoners. Alcatraz titles no longer have asterisks next to the first four books.

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