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Name White Sand US Casewrapped HC Omnibus Deluxe Edition
Title White Sand
Author(s) Brandon Sanderson
Publisher Dynamite Entertainment
Cover Artist Dan Dos Santos
Format Casewrapped Hardcover
Page Count 489
ISBN 9781524122591
Release Date 2023-08-01
Printings 1
Language English
Embossed No
Country US
Stories White Sand 1
White Sand 2
White Sand 3
Notes This edition came with a slipcase. This edition is identical to 9782524122690, the Signed Deluxe Edition. That edition shipped with a indiegogo exclusive bookplate that was affixed to a separate piece of paper, and not part of the book itself. The physical books were identical, however, and they have both ISBNs printed on the copyright page and no method of distinguishing which edition is which after the fact. Additionally, this book includes both the "glitter bomb" and "replacement" editions of the book. The initial print run of the book had many complaints about too much glitter flaking off the cover, so Dynamite recalled the books and sent out replacements. However, the difference is minimal, and theres no hard rule that you can use to determine which edition you have if you bought from a second-hand market, so both of them are together on this one page.

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