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Name Elantris Hungarian INTL TPB Part 2
Title Elantris
Author(s) Brandon Sanderson
Publisher Delta Vision
Cover Artist Kovács Péter
Format International Trade Paperback
Page Count 384
ISBN 9789633952436
Release Date 2018-01-01
Printings 1
Language Hungarian
Translator Tamás Gábor
Dimensions L x W x D - 198mm x 127mm x 24mm
Weight 315.5g
Embossed No
Country HU
Cover Price 3990 Hungarian Forint
Alt Price 14 Euro
Stories Elantris
Notes There is a difference between the ISBN on the back of the book and the ISBN on the copyright page. 9789633952443 is listed on the back of the book but is for Part 1.

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